I Hope You’ll Die Next Time :)

Quite a shocking title but please carry on reading!

In light of the recent suicide prevention day, I would love to talk about a Hungarian movie that I think is definitely worth watching. As you may have noticed, I do not normally post film reviews on my blog – ’cause it’s actually difficult to write one without any spoilers in it. But then, as I am a mental health blogger from Hungary, I really feel that I should talk about this film.

I Hope You’ll Die Next Time πŸ™‚

was released exactly 2 years ago, in September 2018 and I have watched it quite a few times since its initial release – especially since it’s been recently made available on Netflix.

Now, the title of the movie is pretty shocking on its ownwho on earth would put a smiley face at the end of such a sentence? Well, I’ll not tell you the exact reason why it is there as I really do not want to drop a major spoiler but all I can say is that the smiley’s there for a good reason: this is a movie about teenagers living in Budapest, the Hungarian capital and just like any other teenagers in the world, they normally use emoticons while texting each other.

Image from: Port.hu

So, what the movie is about? You may have already guessed from the title that it’s about suicide. But it also talks about other problems of teenage life such as cyberbullying, relationships with friends and parents, love and sex. And well, there are pretty interesting topics, aren’t they?


I Hope You’ll Die Next Time πŸ™‚ tells the story of a Hungarian high school girl, Eszter, who is just like any other teenage girls – she loves manga, does cosplay and she has a crush on her English teacher – okay, I am not entirely sure whether having a crush on one’s English teacher is considered to be average but I guess it’s happened to some of us in our high school years. I mean ,I too had a crush on one of my teachers.

I know it may sound pretty much like a Hollywood romcom. But it’s not. Eszter’s life seems to be pretty happy but obviously something bad needs to happen. And in her case, things will start to take turn for the worse when her English teacher (CsababΓ‘) announces that he’ll leave the country for a foreign job.

Will Eszter forget him? Of course, she won’t. And I guess it will not be a major spoiler if I tell you that our teenage protagonist starts a sexting relationship with her ex-English teacher – who’s actually married by the way – and that’s when things really start going out of control.

Well, I will not carry on with the story but I think it’s pretty obvious that this whole situation will not end well. And by the end of the movie, you’ll also learn why the movie’s title is “I Hope You’ll Die Next Time”.

Oh and I think I should also mention about the beautiful visuals of the movie and about its great pastel colours (just love the atmosphere!). And another thing that I loved was that it includes video calls, text messages which make the whole thing look more realistic.

And at the end of the day, the most important thing is the message of this movie. The characters have a seemingly perfect life, living in one of the prominent Budapest neighborhoods but this doesn’t mean that they do not have their own problems such as bullying, self-esteem issues and other mental health problems. And parents often realize that there’s a problem when it’s already too late….

MihΓ‘ly Schwechtje

MihΓ‘ly SchwechtjeΒ (screenplay)

KristΓ³f Vajda,Β Szilvia Herr,Β Csaba PolgΓ‘r

Where To Watch?

The movie is available on Neflix and also on HBO Go – but as far as I know, their catalog varies greatly depending on your region.

Other Movies To Watch

I am a movie addict. And when I do not know what movie to watch, I will normally check blogs or websites about movies. One of my favorites is: Assholes Watching Movies – I love that they have very strong opinions and they’re not afraid to share them! So if you’re wondering what movie to watch tonight, just check out their blog and I am sure you will find tons of ideas. πŸ™‚

Your Suggestions

If there’s any movie that you’d like to recommend, please do not hesitate to share it in the comment section! πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “I Hope You’ll Die Next Time :)

  1. It looks like a great movie. I love it when there is not only a strong story but also a whole atmosphere going on. It’s been quite the while when I’ve seen a whole movie but once winter has come maybe I’ll be more in the mood to watch a movie. Great tip about the website for inspiration πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you found it interesting – I adore this movie! Especially because its atmosphere reminds me so much to my teenage years – obviously except for the parts about the smartphone usage ’cause we did not use to have mobile internet back then

      I can totally relate to that – I too watch more movies during winter πŸ™‚ is there any nice Belgian movie that you’d recommend me to watch?



      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would recommend The Alzheimers Case or The Memory of a Killer. I don’t know how it was exactly translated into English. The original title is ‘De zaak Alzheimer’.
        The other one – when talking about atmosphere would be ‘Anyway the Wind Blows’ which is all about the music and a fun summer movie to watch.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You know what they say, the novel is always better than the movie. If you see the movie, the lead is one of my favorite actors, Jan Decleir, he plays the role of Ledda.


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