George Ezra opens up about his OCD – Why is it important?

Normally, I do not follow celebrity news but I recently came across a podcast where George Ezra opened up about his OCD struggles and I found it so deep and relatable that I just felt that I needed to share it with you – in case you missed it – and I also want to talk about why I think it’s super important that celebrities like him open up about their OCD.

So this is the article that one of my friends sent to me the other day: George Ezra Opened Up About Living With OCD In A New Interview. And honestly, when I first saw the title, I would think that this interview was going to be just like most of the others – a meaningless conversation about how important cleaning is for George Ezra and how uncomfortable he feels when things are not perfectly organized in his wardrobe.

Do not get me wrong, I love this guy but I think you can totally understand why I was having such thoughts – I mean what could we possibly expect after Khloé Kardashian’s KHLO-C-D series that present OCD as if it was a fun thing to live with. (Here’s the link to one of her “fantastic” videos)

But well, let’s leave Khloé alone and talk about George Ezra. In this interview he was talking very openly about his Pure O – and well Pure O is something that I’ve been suffering from ever since my teens so I can tell you that I could totally relate to everything he said.

What Is Pure O?

Purely obsessional OCD – or simply, Pure O – means that you’re haunted by intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts, but these are usually not accompanied by any compulsions.

Now that’s a definition from a book but if you would like to read more about the topic please check out my post:

Pure O – Living In Endless Fear – well, I know the title may sound overly dramatic but it really feels terrible. well this is the Pure O that George Ezra was talking about and he perfectly described the way many of us feel:

It feels like you’re testing yourself. It feels like you go….
”God, in this situation the worst thing you could think is…”
And then you have that thought. And then you think

„George don’t have that thought again”
So you do. And then you go

„Well, if you’re somebody who could have that thought, does that mean you are this person? And if so, you’re fucking horrible mate”
And this in its worst, it would be before – and this might be me dramatizing it, but when I remember the times it was as if before my eyes had opened they would have started and it would last until I went to bed. And I wouldn’t have lived, I wouldn’t have been alive. Whilst everything was going on in your head, you’re vacant to the world around you and you’re not really..there.

And well, I guess I have nothing more to add. He’s described the way I feel.

Why is it important that celebrities like George Ezra open up about their OCD?

Well, George Ezra did say that the reason why he talked about his OCD publicly is because he was aware of the idea that somebody hearing him talk about might be helpful.

And I do agree with that. I spent years living with OCD without getting a proper diagnosis and the reason behind this was the fact that I used to think I was a psychopath and I would never have thought I had OCD because well – the media gets OCD all wrong. It’s usually portrayed as if it was all about cleaning – and well, even worse, certain TV shows can really give you the impression that it’s actually a useful thing to have!

So – I wish George Ezra talked about this 10 years ago!

Further Reading

Do you know any other celebrities who opened up about their OCD/ talked openly about their mental health? Please share in the comment section – together with your thoughts and experiences!




15 thoughts on “George Ezra opens up about his OCD – Why is it important?

    1. Yeees – I do not have a very favorable opinion of the Kardashians (to say the least…) And this Khlo-c-d thing is downright outrageous. Public figures should really be a little bit more considerate…

      I am glad to read that you liked my article

      Thank you for reading ❤

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  1. What I love about your posts and as the name of your blog, you are overcoming OCD because you have it, but you aren’t it. OCD is all about anxiety and how it can control your mind and actions. But every time I read something here, I feel that you are doing and living your life. I feel that you don’t accept the victim label, and you don’t focus your writing on OCD, but on the bright side of it.

    So if anyone before didn’t thank you for that, I am doing it today. I don’t have OCD or any other kind of mental health problem, but I studied it, and I know how painful it can be navigating the world, not feeling understood by others, and feeling different.

    Big hug for you, my dear!

    Have a lovely weekend ❤

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog and for your support ❤ it really means a lot to me that there are great people out there who enjoy reading my articles ❤

      And well yes, I have OCD but I am not defined by my OCD – there's so much more in life! 🙂

      Did you study psychology at uni? That's one of the plans I have for the future 🙂

      Big hugs for you ❤

      Have a lovely weekend!


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  2. Really enjoyed reading this, thank you. I am only too familiar with you and George are talking about. I opened a blog yesterday about my experience so far with ocd and all the nasties that go with it. I found its a good way of starting my recovery. Feel free to check my site out. It’s very basic as I’m still learning how to do everything! Take care and thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Adam,

      Thank you so much.

      I am glad to see that you enjoyed reading my post.

      And yes – starting a blog is an excellent idea! I have been feeling so much better since I started my blog last December. It’s just a great feeling to “let it out” and also to see that there are people out there who are actually reading your posts and can relate to the things you write about.

      I have started following your blog and I really look forward to your upcoming posts!




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